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"I Hate My Job!" How I Knew It Was Time To Explore My Options.

When you hate your job, you know it, because you feel like you are under a dark cloud every day that you get up and get ready for work. The day just drags by in slow motion, and you feel your energy being zapped from your body. You cannot wait to go back home, even though you just got there. You feel stressed, often overworked, and you know that you are under-appreciated. Whenever you have a moment away from work, you feel re-energized and happier. That is when you know that you are ready for a change!

Finding Hope


As soon as you start thinking that you need to do something different, that is when a moment of hope can creep in. However, often that is also when all the doubts come rushing in too. The true battle within is determined by which side you are going to put your energy behind, even if it is just mental energy at first. Are you going to focus on why you cannot find a better or solution, or that you can? That is what really determines whether or not you will find hope. And hope my friends, is the key!

Time For Change


The very fact that I felt that I hated my job was an indication that I needed a change. However, that was not enough to motivate me. Instead, I kept trying to push myself to make it better. I tried working on relationships with co-workers, I tried to change my mindset about work, pointing out to myself the financial value that my job had in my life, as well as how I was making a difference in the lives of those around me. And that helped me hang on for a few more weeks. However, the stress did not go away. The long hours, were getting longer. The demands, were piling up, and the atmosphere was suffocating. I felt that I was dying inside, but at least my bank account was healthy right? Then it happened. I ended up in the hospital. The stress having overwhelmed me, the exhaustion was unbelievably debilitating. I was in the hospital for three days. During those three days, management still demanded that I fulfill my duties. And my staff, they didn't realize where I was, they thought I was on vacation. It was in the hospital that I realized, that it was time to explore my options, I wanted to live. Not just live, but to thrive, to enjoy my life, to live my passion. 

The Search For Happiness


My search for happiness took work. I spent hours every day trying to find the right job for me. I applied to more than 100 different job postings. I interviewed for several of them, but that spark had just gone out. I felt disconnected and did not look forward to my current job or the potential ones that I was considering. I wanted to be happier, I knew I could be. I pondered on my passions, those things that brought positive energy into my life, that I would love to do, and often did for free for others. It was then, that I started to see what made me happy, and I started thinking about how I could take those passions, and turn them into a thriving business. 


If You Hate Your Job


If you hate your job, I encourage you to make a change, seek for that hope, and then find solutions that will make you happy. Live your passions, get the education and support that you need. I started out with brainstorming through business ideas that I could do from home or while traveling. (I wanted to travel more.) 

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